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Awake was written and performed by Miranda at the Edinburgh and Sydney Fringe festivals 2017.


It's the middle of the night and I'm awake. "I'm Awake"... are you?

A brand-new show, Awake is about five women around the world who are all awake in the middle of the night.  Their narratives are interwoven to reveal their joint story, exploring the harrowing effects Insomnia can have on the lives of those that suffer from it

The Scotsman ***

“A strong virtuoso performance by Miranda Colmans anchors this debut solo show which impressively evokes the twilight world of the insomnia sufferer.

…Performing her own, remarkably strong script, Colmans is excellent and handles the transitions of voice and character and accent exceptionally”

FULL review


Fringe Review

“The writing is deft and fluid with each character clearly drawn with plenty of light and shade.  

…the audience were captivated throughout…

…Awake is a wonderful example of first class storytelling…”

Full Review


Young Perspective  ****

“This solo show is a masterclass of contained and intelligent acting”

Full Review


Audrey Journal (Sydney)

“Colmans moves fluidly from one voice to another in a practiced performance. Her characters are ordinary seeming, their observations and expression sometimes banal, but the cumulative weight of their shared experience combined with the tug of a gently introduced plot, makes for an involving 40 minutes.”

Full Review


The Sick of the Fringe

“Colmans portrays not just the exhaustion that is experienced by successive nights of little sleep, but also the frustration and loneliness that people experience being awake while everyone else is asleep”

“Work like Colmans’ bring sleep to centre stage, recognising the importance of sleep in all of our lives. “

Full Review


Three Weeks ***

“…an interesting look at the impact of sleep-deprivation and the dynamics of online social communities”  Full Review

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